Our process.

When it comes to repainting your exterior the final finish is in the start. We have a multi-step preparation process that ensure your paint job is going not only look great, but last.

Exterior Wash - Using a high press water stream we remove airborne debris, insect and dirt that accumulates on the surface of your home. 

Scraping/Sanding - As needed, we will manually and mechanically remove chipped or peeling paint.

Priming - Once the substrate has been exposed to the elements and its original coating is gone it is important to prime and seal the open surface.

Caulking - Protecting your home from moisture is an important step in  the process. Using elastomeric, acrylic 35-year caulking in seams and cracks does the job.

Masking - Paint belong on the surface of your house, not your concrete and roofs. We take great care in protecting surfaces that are not to be painted.

Finish Coat - Depending on the surface of your house we will use the appropriate sheen and product time to satisfy the requirements of the manufacturers warranty.


Before and After


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